SF KIDS CONSIGNMENT (c) 2012 - 2013

Preparing Clothing and Shoe Items for Sale


• Wash and iron all clothing. Replace missing buttons, sew loose hems and seams and clip loose threads. These small details make a huge difference when someone is looking at your item!

• Button all buttons, snap all snaps, and zip all zippers before you arrive at drop off. This will ensure that there are no defects in the clothing. Also, the newer the item looks, the better it will sell.

• Hang clothing on appropriately sized hangers with the hook pointing to the left and the tag on the right shoulder if you are facing it (make a question mark with the hanger.) You may use any type of hanger for your clothing as long as it is appropriately sized. The best deals we've found for hangers are at Target (the "Delta" brand is found in the baby section), Dollar Tree and Ikea.

• Hang two pieced garments with the bottom garment attached with safety pins (to the top rung of the hanger, so that it doesn't damage the shirt.)

• Hang onesies and pajamas unless they are brand new and still in package. These items sell best as a set. Do not put onesies or PJ's in a ziploc bag, they will not be accepted.

• Price appropriately! Generally, items sell for 25% to 30% of its original price, depending on the condition and brand. The minimum price for a clothing item is $2.00 so group like items together (like multiple onesies) or put pants and a top together to make a complete outfit. This will help bring your price up to $2.00. Click here to see our pricing guide.

• We will inspect all clothing items for quality. Our goal is to provide our shoppers with great items so please do not be offended if we turn any of your items away. Our main focus during inspection is to look for clothes in current fashion, without any stains, holes or tears.

• Again, if you are using a tagging gun please place the plastic hanger for the tag in the seam or in the back tag and make it long enough to hang in the appropriate place on the item. DO NOT shoot the plastic hanger for the tag through the front of the shirt or pants making a hole in the item.



• Shoes must be attached together by zip ties. If shoes have no laces or holes, like loafers, please use heavy duty rubber bands to keep them together. Smaller infant sizes can be in a ziploc bag.

• Attach a tag with a large safety pin. Please do not put shoes in a shoebox as they will get easily separated from the box

• Laces and shoes must be in excellent condition. We will be inspecting all shoes and will only take ones in excellent condition. The smell of used tennis shoes can be overwhelming so please only bring in shoes that have been gently used!