SF KIDS CONSIGNMENT (c) 2012 - 2013

SF Kids Consignment Sales Consignor Checklist


This checklist is a great way to keep yourself organized and on track!


o Register to Be a Consignor


o Gather All Items That You Wish to Consign


o View Accepted Items


o Check to see if your larger items haven’t been recalled


o Prepare and clean your items


o Categorize your items


o Group Clothing by gender and size


o Price Items: Refer to Pricing Guide


o Decide which items will be:

• Participating in ½ price sale and/or

• Donated (if not sold)

• or picked up.


o Log into your Consignor account and Enter items into Inventory (video tutorial)


o Print tags for items on 60-67lb cardstock and attach tags to items (video tutorial)


o Refer to Tagging Guide (video tutorial)


o Schedule Your Volunteer Shift and get early shopping privileges

• One 4-hour shift shop the Consignor Pre Sale on May 2nd from 3pm-9pm.

• Two 4-hour shifts shop the Consignor Pre Sale on May 2nd from 4pm-9pm.

• Three- 4-hour shifts shop the Consignor Pre Sale on May 2nd from 5pm-9pm.


o Schedule Your Drop Off Time

• Drop Off Your Items

• Sign Consignor Agreement, Car Seat and Crib Checklist (if applicable) at Check in

• Pick up Consignor presale pass - Consignors can shop on Thursday, May 2: from 6pm-9pm



Public Sale Hours – Event Info

• Fri, May 3: 9am-6pm

• Sat, May 4- 9am-6pm

• Sun, May 5-9am-3pm (50% off many items)


Pick Up Unsold Items at Scheduled Time: Sunday, May 5th 3pm-6pm


Checks Mailed within 2 weeks after the sale.  Make sure your latest mailing address is on your consignor account.