SF KIDS CONSIGNMENT (c) 2012 - 2013

Donated Items



Some consignors choose to donate unsold items to charity. You will inform us on your Consignor Agreement at Drop Off as to your wishes.


When you enter your inventory items, you have the option to check the box marked "Check to Donate".  Or, you have the option to mark ALL your items to be donatable after you've entered all your inventory items on your Consignor dashboard.


Unsold items marked for Donation (as indicated by a black dot on the price tag) will be gratefully accepted by a local charity.  After the sale, a donation receipt will be enclosed with your consignor check.  You can log into your Consignor account to see which items were marked "donate and unsold".  Then print and attach this report to the enclosed donation receipt for tax purposes.


All items left at the close of pick up time will be immediately donated, as we need to vacate the building. We can no longer make reminder phone calls and wait past the end of pick up hours.




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