SF KIDS CONSIGNMENT (c) 2012 - 2013



SF Kids Consignment uses a point of sale system that allows you to enter your items on the computer. Each item’s tag will print out with a barcode–an efficient way to sell your items and also allow you the ability to check your sales online each evening!


Remember, first create an account by registering as a consignor. You will be asked for your name, address and email, then you will choose a password and be assigned a Consignor ID number (write these down!).


Now it’s time to enter those items into the computer! Keep in mind that sorting your items by gender and size before you sit down to enter them online will save you time. The system remembers all previous information entered except price, so by having them sorted you can take advantage of the pre-filled fields and re-enter only price and description fields…thus making your tag time even more efficient!

   When hanging an outfit that includes pants or skirt, hang the pants or skirt with the shirt so that they can both be easily seen. Hang the shirt and then turn the shirt around so that you are facing the back of the shirt, then safety pin the top of the pants to the shoulders of the shirt. Grasp the lines of the hanger in the safety pin as well so the pants do not pull down the shirt.


   Do not use Ziploc bags for clothing, onesies, or pajamas. Shoppers do not want to buy clothing that they can not see. All clothing items must be on hangers. Consider grouping 2-3 onesies together on hangers.


   If you have items you want to sell together you have two options: hang one on the hanger and pin the shoulders of the others to the one on the hanger with the pins grasping the hanger as well, OR put each item on its own hanger and rubber-band the hangers together. Please do not group items together if they are not the same size.


   If a shirt has a wide neck and doesn't stay on the hanger well, safety pin the shirt onto the hanger near the shoulders or neck to ensure that the shirt stays on.


   Attach the tag with a safety pin near the upper right side of the garment as shown in the picture above.  Or, if using a tagging gun, you can place the price tag on an existing clothing tag or in the armpit area (in order to minimize making holes in the material).


Tagging Shoes:


   Please bring only like new shoes that are in excellent condition. Shoes that show any signs of wear just do not sell. We will be displaying shoes by size and gender.


  Shoes should be zip tied or pinned together, or use rubber bands on loafer type shoes. Secure price tag to shoes.


Tagging Accessories:

   Accessories such as hats do not have to be placed on hangers.

   Small, hard to hang items will be placed in baskets.  Just make sure its price tag is securely attached to item.


Tagging Toys, Books, Videos, Decor Items:


   Please make certain that all pieces of an item are securely fastened together and that your item is complete. You may use packaging tape, Ziploc bags, clear plastic containers, etc. but please make sure that all the items are secure. Attach the printed price tag securely.


   If the item requires batteries, they should be included.


   Books, videos, and small items can be placed in Ziploc bags. The bag's contents should be thoroughly described on the price tag.


Tagging Bedding and Window Treatments:


   It is BEST to bring your bedding in a clear bedding bag, like the bedding was purchased in. This allows the shoppers to easily see the bedding without needing to take it out. It also keeps smaller items like pillowcases and bedskirts with the bedding.


   If you do not have a bedding bag, an alternative that we highly recommend are the new XL and XXL sized Ziploc bags. They come 3-4 to a box and you can get them at Walmart.


   Neat stacks of bedding can also be bundled together with yarn or ribbons tied in both directions. Make sure the tag lists all items that are included.


   Window treatments may be folded or hung on a hanger. A photo of them hanging is helpful.




   Minimum price is $2. Only $1 or $0.50 increments please. NO CENTS.


  Use masking tape to securely attach your price tag on each large item.  


   Items with no price tags and/or consignor number will be sold at our discretion and consignors can not expect credit for those items - that's why it is so important to securely attach your price tags to all your items.


   Competitively price your items to sell. What would you pay? Normally 25-30% of retail is a good general figure to go by. We’d rather give you a bigger check than a lot of unsold items.


Tagging Clothing:


The better the clothes look the better they sell. Please be sure that your clothes are current, freshly washed, ironed, on hangers, and free of stains, broken zippers, tears, and signs of wear.


All clothing should be placed on hangers with the hook facing left like a question mark. Wire hangers work best, especially for bottoms only and sets. Consignors do not get hangers back although we sometimes have a few available for the taking at item pick up.


Pants are pinned to the "shoulders" of the hanger, towards the middle of the waist band, so they don't slip using 2 pins as in graphic below. Each pin passes through the front and back of the pants and through the hanger for a secure hold.


This video demonstrates how to properly pin outfits and value bundles to a hanger.

Important materials to have at hand to ensure that price tags are securely attached to your consigned items:


Cardstock - to print out the price tags.  You can purchase individual cardstock sheets (60 or 67lb) at your local office supply store or at a photocopy services location.  Price tags cannot be printed on regular copy paper since it can easily tear.  

Safety pins - to attach the price tags onto clothing items.  Safety pins from 3/4" to 1-1/2" generally work well.

Zip Ties  (or called Cable Ties) - to help attach toy pieces or shoes together or to attach price tags onto large baby gear/equipment items.  Zip ties can be purchased at Dollar Stores.  See the many uses of zip ties here

Ziploc Bags - to keep toy or puzzle pieces together

Moving/packing tape - to adhere price tags onto toys/baby equipment

Tagging Gun (optional) with tagging barbs – faster way to attach price tags onto clothing items.

Wire Hangers – to attach clothing items via safety pins.  Ask your local dry cleaner if they can give you some

Plastic Hangers - these can be purchased 10 for $1 at Target or Walmart.  However, please note that wire hangers are better at hanging outfits and       bundled items.

Other items that consignors have found useful:  Febreze and Magic Erasers (to remove scuffs on shoes).  Again Dollar Stores sell the lower priced equivalent of these items.


Again, our tagging clinics will have tagging guns for sale (at cost for $10) and other materials available for pickup (cardstock, zip ties, wire hangers, safety pins).