SF KIDS CONSIGNMENT (c) 2012 - 2013

Preparing Toy  Items for Sale


• Toys must be clean and in working order.

• If the toy requires a battery, batteries should be included (batteries can be purchased inexpensively at the Dollar Tree.) If we have to replace the batteries for the customer, we will charge the consignor $1 per battery replaced.

• Small parts should be bagged and taped to the main part very securely. Use heavy packing tape as other tapes might not hold. If parts get separated, the item will not sell.

• Games and puzzles should have all pieces and be tied or taped closed.

• Several small items can be grouped together in ziploc bags (books, rattles, or small toys.) Please list all included items on the tag.

• We will only accept stuffed animals that are battery operated and name brand (i.e. Disney, Dora, Elmo, etc.)

• Write your consignor number in sharpie marker on any ziploc bags you might use to package your toys.

• Large toys and outdoor equipment must be clean, and free of dirt and water. Mr. Clean and magic erasers work well on these items. Be sure to include all pieces to these large items. These include brand names such as Little Tikes and Step 2.

• As an extra step, please put a piece of masking tape with your consignor number on the bottom of your item, just in case the tag gets separated from the item for some reason. This way, we can try to find out the price of the item and make a new tag for it.